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CCTV - Closed-Circuit Cameras

We sell a wide range of CCTV Cameras and Video Management Systems, including Indoor, Outdoor, Hidden, Night Vision and Wireless Cameras.

Standard Cameras

High quality image for all applications: bullet, cube, dome and box cameras with high quality fixed or vari-focal lenses. 

Covert Cameras

Discreet security cameras with some different shapes and a wide range of disguise accessories, hidden from people's view.

Zoom Cameras

Box, Bullet and Dome cameras, with different zoom ratio options, they can have with up to 36x optical zoom and quick auto focus. 

180°/360° Cameras

Perfect for locations where one camera has to cover the whole surrounding area, it can either cover the 360° or 180° surround view and are available for indoor and outdoor installations.

PTZ Cameras

Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras are for 360° coverage and allowing powerfull zoom and Full HD image quality. They can turn the lens to any desired direction and zoom in/out either automatically or by remote manual control. 

OZT Cameras

Combining 3 valuable features – Overview, Zoom and Tracking – the OZT cameras are able to automatically track any suspicious object over a wide area.

IP Cameras / Network

Digital video cameras usually employed for security surveillance via computer network and Internet. 

Some models are perfect to whatever the environment or lighting conditions.

Night Vision Cameras

Some cameras have important features such as night vision, which make them perfect for after hours surveillance, allowing to capture surveillance video in low light and darkness (and also Thermal Cameras)

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

Both of them can have similar design and comparable features, but usually the outdoor ones deal with weather and may require anti-vandals protection. 

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