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ACTi CCTV Security Cameras

ACTi has CCTV Security Cameras for All Purposes, from PTZ to Covert.

Standard cameras include dome, bullet, cube and box cameras with high quality fixed or vari-focal lenses and resolution up to 10 Megapixel.Selected models include Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology for better image quality in scenes with high contrast between light and dark areas and Low Light Sensitivity (LLS) technology for clear visibility in low light conditions.

Available camera models:

ACTi offers the widest range of optical zoom cameras in the whole industry - domes, bullets, boxes with different sizes and zoom ratio options. All the zoom cameras come with true auto focus - extremely accurate self-focusing without requiring external PC's support. You can manage zoom and auto focus either automatically, manually or by the event manager of the camera.

Available camera models:
Zoom DomeZoom BoxZoom Bullet

PTZ cameras and Speed Domes can turn the lens to any direction and zoom in and out either automatically or by the remote manual control. All these cameras come with built-in true auto focus and event management system. Speed Dome is a special type of PTZ camera that can do 360° endless panning.For locations requiring more compact PTZ solution, ACTi has developed Outdoor Mini PTZ product line. These models can be surface or flush mounted and come with wider viewing angles.

Available camera models:

PTZMini PTZSpeed Dome

OZT technology combines three valuable features – Overview, Zoom and Tracking – to be able to automatically track any suspicious object over a wide area.

Options for OZT Cameras




360° or 180° CAMERAS
For locations where one camera has to cover the whole surrounding area, the panoramic camera solution is perfect. Depending on the type of panoramic camera or the method of installation, the camera can either cover the 360° or 180° surround view. ACTi offers the wide range of panoramic cameras with different features and form factors for indoor and outdoor installations.There are three different panoramic camera types to choose from – Fisheye, Hemispheric and Multi-Imager Panoramic Cameras.

Available camera models:
Fisheye DomeHemispheric Dome

Discreet cameras with various shapes and with wide range of disguise accessories for environments where the cameras should be hidden.Depending on the installation location and planned disguise method, either a straight or "L-shaped" lens can be chosen. "Pinhole" models contain the smallest possible lenses. ACTi offers a wide range of covert cameras with different viewing angles and resolutions.

Available camera models:
CovertFisheye Covert

Pinhole CovertL-Shape Pinhole Covert

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