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One of the Most Important components of the security systems, we selected the best detectors to add even more quality and reliability and help the Security Integrators with their Alarm Systems

We are the Australasian authorised distributor for Satel, a European company specialised in alarm and access control security systems. We believe that Satel offers the highest quality alarm solutions available in the market today. This, combined with a very competitive price point and local support, makes Satel represents a very attractive solution for security integrators.

Our range of Detectors include

  • Magnetic, Acoustic break glass and Vibration Detectors, and Active Infrared Barriers for perimeter protection. 
  • Passive Infrared detectors (PIRs) and Dual detectors for spacial internal protection. 
  • Gas, Flood, Smoke and Heat detectors 

Satel Alarm PIR Detector SSC
Satel Alarm Reed Switchers SSC
Satel Alarm Infrared Barriers SSC
Satel Alarm CO Detector SSC

Passive infrared motion detectors (PIR)

Motion detectors are used to detect the presence of an intruder in a protected area

The SATEL's offer includes a whole range of such devices, among which the passive infrared detectors are the most popular ones. 

The simplest detectors available are AMBER and AQUA Plus, which are technically very similar. Both of these devices reliably fulfill their role in the typical domestic premises: living rooms, studies and bedrooms. 

The AMBER and TOPAZ detectors are characterized primarily by a compact, small-size enclosure, so their presence does not virtually interfere with the appearance of the room.

Dual technology motion detectors

The SATEL's offer of motion detectors is complemented by dual technology detectors. 

Compared with the passive infrared detectors, designed to protect the typical living and office spaces, the dual technology detectors successfully cope with the task of protection in areas where adverse conditions prevail: there are drafts, hot air vents are used or air conditioner is running. 

It's the technology that makes them superior compared to standard PIR detectors – by the use of two different physical phenomena to detect intruders they do provide internal verification mechanism that rejects disturbance signals

Other Detectors in Alarm Systems

Besides protecting perimeter and intruders, our range of Detectors also includes:

  • Gas Detectors (TCM - Trichloromethane based narcotic, LPG - Liquified Petroleum, CO - Carbon Monoxide and ME - Methane) in order to detect substances that might have negative impact on lives or health and inform about their presence; 
  • Flood Detectors (e.g. hydraulic malfunctions) which can also activate emergency cut-off of water by means of and electrically operated valve in an more extended alarm system; 
  • and Smoke and Heat Detectors

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