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We sell ACTi multifunctional Q950 Video Intercom

6MP Outdoor Door Station with D/N, IR, Extreme WDR, SLLS, Fixed lens (f1.65mm)

  • Door Station
  • 6 Megapixel
  • Day & Night with Superior Low Light Sensitivity and IR LED
  • Fixed Lens with f1.65mm/F2.8
  • Extreme WDR
  • Super wide angle
  • Event trigger, response and notification
SSC Doorbird Intercom System with Sensor

Key Features

Intercom - Two-way audio communication even in a loud environment is delivered through a built-in microphone with noise cancellation and a powerful speaker. The operator can communicate with visitors not only from his desk but also remotely from his smartphone using ACTi Mobile Client.

Touch - ButtonThe touch-sensitive button can be tapped over and over again without wearing down like conventional physical buttons.

180° High Resolution View (Q950) - Visually validate the visitor’s identity through the eyes of a fisheye lens. The exceptional video clarity is achieved by a sensor with 6 megapixels, the highest resolution in the industry.

Clear Video in Complicated Light - The camera’s high performance against direct light is delivered by Extreme WDR technology. The Superior Low Light Sensitivity compensates for a lack of visible light. The built-in IR LED lets the operator see visitors clearly even in complete darkness.

RFID Sensor - The built-in 13.56 MHz RFID sensor can read the data stored on employee card or other RFID tags, compare it against a white list and automatically perform a predefined action, for instance, open the door.

Face Identification - For an additional layer of security, high-accuracy face identification can also be enabled. The door will only open if the card has access rights and, at the same time, the face matches the card holder's identity.If someone tries to use a card that belongs to another person, the system identifies the identity mismatch, denies access and a video notification is sent to the security center.

Environmental Casing - The unit is IP66 and IK09 certified so harsh weather and vandals are no challenges for the unit’s ruggedized body.

Shock Detection - When the device is being hit in an attempt to damage it, its G-sensor sensor detects the vibrations to activate the alarm and instantly notify the security personnel.

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