Satel Alarm Starter Kits

Haven't tested Satel Alarm products yet? Here are some amazing deals for you to buy your SATEL ALARM STARTER KIT and get to know why this is the best alarm system:

  • European company specialised in alarm and access control security systems
  • With over 20 years experience
  • Innovative products
  • The highest quality alarm solutions available in the market today
  • Very competitive price point
  • Local Support 
  • Life time local warranty

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Kit 1 - Perfecta 32 With App

Simplicity and Modernity

Kit 3 - Versa 5 Standard

Security, Functionality, Comfort

*** Best Seller ***

Kit 6 - Integra Standard

Modern and Advanced

Kit 2 - Perfecta Wireless + App

Simplicity and Modernity + Wireless

Kit 4 - Versa 5 With App

Security, Functionality, Comfort

Kit 7 - Integra With App

Modern and Advanced

Kit 5 - Versa IP With App

Security, Functionality, Comfort

Kit's Best Deals

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