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Satel Alarm Best Kits

Interested in the Satel Alarm products? Here are some amazing deals for you to buy your SATEL ALARM KIT and deliver amazing security solutions to your customers:

  • European company specialised in alarm and access control security systems
  • With over 20 years experience
  • Innovative products
  • The highest quality alarm solutions available in the market today
  • Very competitive price point
  • Local Support 
  • Life time local warranty

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Kit 1: GSM Alarm Perfecta 32

Simplicity and Modernity

Kit 2: GSM Alarm Perfecta Wireless

Simplicity, Modernity & Wireless

Kit 3: Alarm Versa IP With App

Security, Functionality, Comfort

Kit 4: Alarm Integra With App

Modern and Advanced

Best PIR Deals

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Cobalt PRO

Microwave Motion Detector

  • microwave sensor and quad pyrosensor
  • built-in EOL resistors
  • digital signal processing
  • digital temperature compensation
  • MW antimasking feature

Opal Plus Set

Dual Technology by Satel

  • Outdoor motion detector
  • PIR & microwave channels 
  • weatherproof enclosure
  • tamper protection
  • angle & ball-joint mounting brackets

OPT-1 IR Keyfob

Infrared Remote Control Keyfob 

  • compatible with OPAL Plus
  • configuration of PIR & MW detection paths / dusk sensor 
  • allows remote changes to the sensitivity without opening enclosure


Dual Technology

  • Outdoor curtain detector
  • PIR & microwave channels 
  • active IR antimasking
  • configurable sensors sensitivity
  • weatherproof enclosure
  • tamper protection

Grey Plus

Dual Technology

  • PIR + MW motion detector
  • advanced DSP with high resolution ADC
  • with sensitivity adjustment
  • MW antimasking 
  • remote triggering of test mode 
  • alarm memory


Dual Technology

  • PIR + Glassbreak 
  • digital signal processing
  • motion & glassbreaking detection
  • temperature compensation
  • sensitivity adjust
  • 2 independent alarm outputs

Topaz Pet

PIR Motion Detector

  • up to 20kg Pet immunity
  • digital signal processing
  • built-in EOL resistors
  • temperature compensation
  • sensitivity adjustment

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