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We sell a great selection of electronic security components. 

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Alarm Control Panels

The heart of a security alarm system is the control panel, which is responsible for functionality of the entire system. The up-to-date control panels in SATEL's portfolio, e.g. the INTEGRA series, make it possible not only to create a reliable alarm system, but also to make use of its extra features that will relieve you from performing some everyday operations: switching on lights in the corridor, turning off air-conditioning when you open a window, or even starting the garden watering system. 

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Plastic enclosures to Satel's Alarm Control Panels, Expansion Modules and GSM Modules - OPU 3 and 4

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Full control over your Alarm System – Any time, Anywhere

In an attempt to meet the expectations of professionally active and dynamic persons spending most of their time out of home, SATEL has implemented a family of applications turning your mobile phone into an alarm system controller. It enables you to start a free application using GPRS, 3G or WiFi and installed in your mobile to connect with the INTEGRA, VERSA or PERFECTA system.

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We sell Battery 12vDC for Alarm Systems 

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Battery for Satel Alarm Control Panels


You can find also Cable 4C 0.44mm on our Online Shop. 

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Cable 4C 0.44 mm

CCTV Cameras

We sell a wide range of CCTV Cameras and Video Management Systems from ACTi and Hi Sharp: Standard Security Cameras, Zoom, PTZ, OZT, 360° or 180°, Covert cameras and more. 

We also sell a great range of accessories and Market Applications Suits for people counting or number plate/facial recognition, for example. 

They are perfect for all kinds and sizes of commercial buildings, shops, banks, airports, casinos, restaurants, cafes, schools, factory, gas station, hotel, parks, stadium, retail, warehouses, home, parking lot or any kind of facility.

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Camera Housings

We sell Camera Housings, illuminators and Brackets to protect your CCTV Security Camera. Check our range of accessories.

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Camera Services and Software

Cloud NVR, CMS, MAS Hosting Services, Market Application Software to Queue Management Server, Video Analytics, Visitor Counting, Facial Recognition, Number Plate Recognition, and other services and software to CCTV Security Cameras and Video Management Systems

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SSC ACTi CCTV Camera Services VIP
SSC ACTi CCTV Camera Services Management Software

Video Encoders

We have ACTi Video Encoders 1, 4, 8 and 16 channels. Visit SSC Online Shop for prices and details. 

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SSC ACTi Video Encoder for CCTV Security Cameras

Video Management Systems

Video surveillance and business management systems, including Standalone NVRs (network video recorders) , Software NVR, Video Analytics and more. 

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SSC Video Management System and NVRs by ACTi

Proximity Card Readers

We sell the full range of products for Access Control, including Proximity Card Readers, swipe cards and key tags. 

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Proximity Card Readers


One of the Most Important components of the security systems, we selected the best detectors to add even more quality and reliability and help the Security Integrators with their Alarm Systems

Our range of Detectors include: 

  • Magnetic, Acoustic break glass and Vibration Detectors, and Active Infrared Barriers for perimeter protection
  • Passive Infrared detectors (PIRs) and Dual detectors for spacial internal protection
  • Gas, Flood, Smoke and Heat detectors 

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We sell Intercom Systems for sophisticated home and business owners, making possible to answer the door from anywhere with access control integration and video/audio. 

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Key Fobs

Remote control key fob including the bi-directional model

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Keypads are used for daily operation of the alarm system. The classic devices of this type, depending on their model, inform the user about the state of the system by means of messages displayed on LCD screen or indicated by LEDs. 

The standard keypads perform well in the everyday basic operation of the alarm system. However, if you also want to use the advanced automation functions offered by some control panels, such as the control of lighting, heating, air conditioning or watering greenery, the touchscreen keypads will be a better choice.

Which keypad should be selected depends on the complexity of the alarm system. In solutions which are not intended to additionally perform automation tasks, the traditional simple devices will prove ideal.

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Electronic Locks

An important component of the security and access control systems, we have a complete sort of electric locks, brackets, door holders, strike locks, flush wall mount door holder, push buttons and accessories. 

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Other Cathegories

Accessories for alarms, access control, CCTV, intercoms and detectors

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POE Switches

From Unmanaged POE Switch (10/100Mbps + 10/100/1000mpbs UPLINK), including the best sold D6018-16P-200 model, to Industrial DIN rail PoE Switch and POE Extender, we have great solutions for your company. Check our price list. 

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Poles & Brackets

Camera Brackets, Dome Covers, Camera Poles, nut covers, ceiling mount base plates, monitor drop poles, double mount flat screen monitor poles, single mount monitor poles, and adapters

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Poles & Brackets

Power Supply

Backup power supply and transformers

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Transformer and Power Supply

Reed Switches

Gate magnetic detectors, flush mounted magnetic detectors, magnetic detectors and sensors, recessed reed switch, roller door reed, side magnetic detectors, steel door recess switches, surface magnetic contact, and more

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Reed Switches


From Cloud Service for smart CCTV Cameras and DVRs to software, extended warranty and Support

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Cloud storage service for CCTV and VMS


The sirens perform different functions in the security alarm system. The purpose of the indoor sirens is to fill the inner spaces with unpleasant sound, its intensity being close to the pain threshold, which is also intended to make the intruder leave the premises. The presence of the outdoor sirens should discourage some intruders from forcing entry into the house or apartment protected by the alarm system. 

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Support Tools

Camera installation kits and Product Demo 

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CCTV Security Camera Demo Kit

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