Comprehensive Protection with Automation Elements

Versa Satel Security Alarm Security Supply Chain

Security, Functionality, Comfort

Security Supply Chain in partnership with Satel, provide the wide range of Versa control panels.

VERSA alarm systems offer versatility and flexibility while keeping the highest level of security in the world.

They are specially designed to create medium-size installations in apartments and small houses, as well as in small offices and commercial buildings. 

The VERSA control panels can interface with devices connected to the system in a conventional manner (i.e. using a cable), as well as with those which use remote or radio communication. Such a solution makes it possible to create exactly the system that is needed in the protected building: wired or wireless, or a hybrid one, that combines the properties of wired and wireless systems.

In addition, the VERSA series control panels can work using different arming modes, which enables operation of the system devices to be customized to the needs and demands of the system users.


Versa Control Panel

Versa - Operation, Control and Management

(Touchscreen Keypad, Wireless LCD Keypad, LCD Keypad for Versa Panels, Proximity Card Arm/Disarm, Keyfob)

Versa - Expansion Modules

(Wireless System Controller, Expansion Module, Voice Messaging Module)

Versa - Communication Modules

(Ethernet Communication Module, Universal Multi‑purpose GSM/GPRS Communication Module, GSM-X Communicator, GPRS Monitoring Module, Voice Module, Voice Messaging Module)

Versa - Communication Modules - Antennas

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