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ABAX 2 is the new version of Satel two-way wireless system which is integrateable with most control panel brands

  • 4-channel operation in 860 MHz frequency band
  • can work in a stand-alone mode or with any alarm control panel
  • range: up to 2 km in open area
  • certified compliance with Grade 2 EN 50131 requirements
  • advance diagnostics
  • low energy consumption-up to 8 years without battery replacement (in ECO mode)*
  • remote firmware update and configuration of wireless devices
  • antennas designed individually for each device.


ABAX2 - System Devices

(Wireless, System Controller, Radio strength Tester)

ABAX2 - Expansion Modules

(Miniature wireless expander of wired zones/outputs, Wireless expander of wired zones/outputs, Wireless two‑channel 230 V AC in‑wall controller)

ABAX2 - Movement Detector

(Outdoor Wireless Dual-Tech Motion Detector and PIR Motion Detector)

ABAX2 - Detectors for Perimeter Protection

(Outdoor wireless dual curtain detector, Wireless universal detector, Wireless glass break detector)

ABAX2 -Other Detector

(Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector)

ABAX2 - Control

ABAX2 - Siren

ABAX2 - Siren

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