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Integra Satel Security Alarm Security Supply Chain

Security Supply Chain in partnership with Satel bring state-of-the-art security solutions for business and industrial facilities through Integra Control Panel. 

The integrated systems are perfect for businesses, offices and utilities, focused on professional solutions ensuring top-class security. The equipment range allows you to precisely match the solution to specific project requirements, enabling welcoming financial savings and combination with automation. 

These solutions work perfectly in security systems of high-risk facilities such as banks, military objects, offices handling confidential documents and jewelry stores. Many retailers have also adopted Integra solutions for the same reasons.

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Integra Control Panels

Operation, Control & Management

Comprehensive selection from Touchscreen Keypad, Wireless LCD Keypad, LCD Keypad, Alarm System Keypad, Partition Keypad, Proximity Reader

Zone/Output Expansion Modules

(Wireless System Controller, Zone Expander, Addressing Module, Input and Output Expander)

Communication Module

(Ethernet Module, GPRS, Voice Module, Monitoring)

Integra - Communication Modules - Antennas

Bus Converter

Access Control Modules

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