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SLIM LINE is our latest family of motion detectors. It consists of 5 PIR detectors and 5 dual technology detectors. They all come with a modern lens designed and manufactured in Japan specifically for this detector line. The lens design, new detection algorithm and temperature compensation mechanism ensure high performance of the devices. The material from which the lens is made improves its resistance to deformation.

In order to facilitate the work of the installer, a number of solutions have been introduced for easier and quicker installation and configuration, including a new enclosure closing mechanism, built-in end-of-line resistors or a plug-in terminal block.

The PRO models available in our product range meet the EN 50131 requirements for Grade 3, so they can be used in high-risk premises and critical infrastructure buildings. The SLIM LINE series also includes the PET and LUNA models that offer additional features. The latter are provided with LEDs, so they can serve, for example, as corridor lighting which can also turn on in the event of a 230 V AC mains failure.

SLIM LINE detectors offer the possibility of choosing the LED indicator color. Depending on the model, there are four or even seven colors available.

The line of new detection devices attracts attention because of their stylish and light design. With their slim enclosures, the detectors look great in any interior, and their visual consistence makes it difficult for an intruder to recognize a particular model.

Product Characteristics

SLIM-DUAL-PRO detects motion in the protected area.

  • compliance with EN 50131 requirements for Grade 3
  • motion detection using two sensors: a passive infrared (PIR) sensor and a microwave (MW) sensor
  • adjustable detection sensitivity of both sensors
  • option to test the sensors separately
  • digital motion detection algorithm
  • digital temperature compensation
  • digital filter of signals received by the microwave sensor to ensure immunity to false alarms caused by the power network and discharge lamps
  • operating mode selection: basic or advanced
  • option to enable/disable the creep zone protection
    wide-angle lens, designed specifically for SLIM LINE detectorsoption to replace the wide-angle lens with a curtain (CT-CL) or long-range (LR-CL) one

Universal smoke and heat detector

  • active IR anti-masking, compliant with EN 50131-2-4 for Grade 3
  • ability to configure detector operating parameters using the OPT-1 keyfob
  • built-in end-of-line resistors (2EOL: 2 x 1,1 kΩ / 2 x 4,7 kΩ / 2 x 5,6 kΩ)
  • LED indicator
  • selectable color of LED indicator (7 colors available)
  • LED indicator remote enable/disable
  • configuration mode remote enable/disable
  • supervision of motion detection and supply voltage circuit
  • tamper protection against opening of enclosure and removal from mounting
  • adjustable mounting holder (BRACKET D) included, provided with tamper switch


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