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Satel Certified Channel Partner

Security Supply Chain has partnered with Satel, a European company specialised in Alarm and Access Control security systems who are known for their superior quality and standards.

Among the offered products are devices which differ in terms of functionality and application: from simple modules suitable for quick installation to advanced control panels which combine alarm functions with automation and access control along with wireless capability.

Being the best quality with the latest technology and at a competitive price point backed by local support, and warranty, makes SSC an attractive solution for security integrators.

Security Anytime, Anywhere in the Palm of Your Hand

Integra is a reliable, state of the art advanced smart alarm system suitable for mid to large scale complex projects such as offices and other commercial buildings and offers a first class, Grade 3 rated system.

The Integra can be controlled using premium touch panels, keypads and the Integra app, which allows the building to be managed remotely.

  • For mid to large sized projects
  • Suitable for homes, offices and commercial buildings
  • KNX Integration for smart devices and automoation
  • ABAX2 Integration for Wireless capability

Versa is the perfect alarm system for small to mid sized projects and is flexible for wired, wireless or hybrid set-ups. Control panels are available in both premium and basic styles, ensuring there is a cost-effective option for any property type. As a grade 2 alarm, Versa is an ideal choice for many residential properties that require safe, discreet security measures.

  • For small to mid sized projects
  • Wired, wireless or hybrid option available
  • ABAX 2 Integration for Wireless capability
  • KNX Smart Home integration for automation

ABAX 2 is a new generation wireless security solution that can work with any brand of control panel or automation controller and in certain cases, can operate in stand-alone mode.

  • Two way encrypted communication
  • Advanced energy saving feature for uninterrupted 6-8 year battery life of devices
  • Easy, fast and non-evasive installation and flexibility for future configuration adjustment
  • KNX smart home automation of devices
  • Communication in the 868 MHz frequency band - 4 channels
  • Increased range up to 2km with repeater 

New Releases

DG-1 Co - Carbon Monoxide Detector

DG-1 CO is a microprocessor-based carbon monoxide detector. It is recommended that you install it in areas where carbon monoxide may occur, i.e. in boiler rooms, at fireplaces, stoves and gas cookers, in garages, etc.

With the built-in buzzer and red LED, the DG-1 CO detector can operate as a standalone detection/alarm device, but it is also suitable for work as part of the alarm system. The self-diagnostic function is constantly monitoring the gas sensor for supply voltage status as well as correct performance, which ensures reliable operation of the detector.

AXD-200 - Wireless Multipurpose Detector

AXD-200 is a multifunction device operating as part of the ABAX 2/ABAX two-way wireless system. It meets the EN 50131 Grade 2 requirements.

The device can work in one of 7 modes as a magnetic contact, two-channel magnetic, magnetic with roller shutter input, shock and magnetic, reorientation, temperature or flood detector. To change the mode, you must knock on the detector enclosure appropriately. This procedure is performed before enrolling the device into the controller.

Safe Kitchen in your Smart Home with DG-1 ME from SATEL

Escaping natural gas is a very dangerous threat, so don't take any chances. The DG-1 ME natural gas detector quickly senses a methane leak and notifies a control panel. Install the detector in a kitchen with a gas cooker and near heating devices, stoves and around gas connections and meters. DG-1 ME works within an alarm system, which defends your home from intruders. You don’t have to invest in two different safety systems if you choose SATEL solutions.


The TSD-1 Satel's Universal Smoke and Heat detector has received the Certificate of constancy of performance confirming compliance with the EN 54 standards for fire protection solutions: EN 54-7 Smoke Detection & EN 54-5 Heat Detection. Learn more.

SLIM LINE is Satel's latest family of motion detectors. It consists of 5 PIR detectors and 5 dual technology detectors.They all come with a modern lens designed and manufactured in Japan specifically for this detector line.  Learn more.

Good News! SLIM-PIR-LUNA detector from the new SLIM LINE series received a distinction in the 9th edition of the Good Design (Dobry Design) competition in the "Modern Technologies” category. More about it.

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